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It is clear that there can never be enough done to promote the immense talent that is in this part of the world. Never enough people shouting about the extraordinary creativity and never enough said about the uniquely skilled craftsmen who have great value to offer the world. Social media and internet technologies are liberating talent in ways that we could never have anticipated. We live in extraordinary times where it becomes necessary to explore our individuality, our specialisms and our interests with the very specific intent of being heard in a noisy and crowded world.

2016 and we are upgrading again. After spending quite a bit of time talking with our network, testing various ideas, we are now ready to explore how we can evolve the site to support the arts in Wales. If you want to be involved, be kept up to date, then please do sign up for our newsletters which we will be relaunching very soon.

The Vision

Since the first iteration built back in 2005, there is little left of the original content but the intention remains the same – to champion talent of Wales and I would love you to join me.

As I said originally, if you have never been in a room full of creative minds all talking at once buzzing with inspiration, ideas, thoughts, funny stories and lamentable tales – then you haven’t lived. The energy is amazing, the ideas – incredible and the enthusiasm is awesome.

But how often – with our busy lives and geographic restrictions can we indulge in such luxuries? For most – rarely. So this site has been designed to go some way towards creating a virtual meeting place where creative individuals can congregate, share their thoughts, passions, inspirations ideas and wisdom.. It has been designed so that it can grow organically according to the needs and wants of the arts community in and around Wales.

Through online content, virtual events, workshops, talks and exhibitions I seek to make an impact on the Arts community by enabling people who share a similar passion for what we do to come together.

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Herefordshire Art Week and the hArt trail 2015

This is just a beginning of a map to which I will be adding the various events, galleries and studios that are taking part in the hArt Trail this year. I will gradually add the others as I go. Looking forward to seeing the art work on display.Please be aware that the...

The River Next Door: Valerie Coffin Price and Philip Gross

A collaborative exhibition of contemporary artwork by artist Valerie Coffin Priceand words by award-winning poet Philip Grossin response to the Taff Valley, accompanied by their new book published by Seren.18 March to 15 May 2015Oriel y BontUniversity of South Wales,...

Discover the content, get inspired… and create!

digiDo offers businesses and individuals the chance to exploit and re-use the large repository of digital content that exists within the National Library of Wales, one of the greatest libraries of the world… The digiDo project has been developed with the objective of...

Cyfle i ddarganfod cynnwys newydd ac ysbrydolaeth… yna ewch i greu!

Mae digiDo yn cynnig y cyfle i fusnesau ac unigolion i fanteisio ac ail-ddefnyddio’r drysorfa eang ogynnwys digidol sy’n bodoli o fewn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, un o lyfrgelloedd mawr y Byd... Mae prosiect digiDo yn cynnig y cyfle i fusnesau creadigol o fewn...

“Will you miss me when I am gone?”

When I watch the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death consume the networks and I witness the outpouring of heartfelt sadness at our loss of his brilliance, I can’t help feeling that somehow we must all be held accountable. Not just for Philip but for every artist...

The Great Outdoors Expedition – call for outdoor art commissions

Articulture Wales, in partnership with leading Welsh arts organisations, are offering a range of outdoor art commission opportunities in 2014 below. Articulture has come together with the Wye Valley River Festival, the National Eisteddfod and Pontio Arts &...

Traditional rapper sword dancing in Cardiff from Taff Rapper

The rapper sword dance is a fast traditional English dance whose origins lie in the mining and pit villages of the Durham and Northumberland coalfields and involves five people connected by short, two-handled, flexible sprung steel swords called rappers. The dancers...

We’d welcome your views on the following consultation document – Capital Strategy 2012 – 17.

We’d welcome your views on the following consultation document - Capital Strategy 2012 – 17. Download the document here - http://www.artswales.org/what-we-do/consultation-documents  The closing date for the consultation is 31 August 2011. Send your...

Summer of ’77 – Arts Council of Wales launches appeal for memories

Summer of ’77 – Arts Council of Wales launches appeal for memories
1977. What can you remember from that year? Could it be the beginning of broadcasting for BBC Radio Cymru? Wales winning the Triple Crown?
Or what about the National Eisteddfod in Wrexham and Paul Davies holding up above his head, a railway sleeper with WN (Welsh Not) written on it?

Haf 1977 – apêl Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru am eich atgofion

1977. Beth a gofiwch am y flwyddyn honno? Dechrau Radio Cymru o bosibl? Cymru’n ennill y Goron Driphlyg? Neu beth am Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Wrecsam a Paul Davies yn dal trawst rheilffordd uwch ei ben sy’n dwyn y geiriau WN (Welsh Not)?
Mae 30 mlynedd a rhagor ers y tro diwethaf i’r Eisteddfod fod yn Wrecsam, ac os cofiwch honno, hoffai Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru glywed gennych. Hyd yn oed os na fuoch yno,  mae’n si?r bod gennych ffotos o’r saithdegau hwyr a guddiwyd yn rhywle rhag codi embaras.  
Welsh Dragon in Ink

Entrepreneurial Arts Network

My intention is to focus on sharing experience and expertise for developing entrepreneurial arts businesses which aim to create commercially focused arts enterprises without compromising the artistic integrity of their creativity. Later this year, I will be looking at setting up an Entrepreneurial Arts Network for artists and creatives seeking to connect with other like-minded people. My belief is that there are many ways of capitalising on talent, exploring the numerous avenues for reaching new customers across the globe. With consistent income, we become empowered to create sustainable businesses that continue to feed those things that bring us inspiration allowing us to explore the depth and breadth of our art.


Over time I aim to reinvigorate the original plan to create a place where artists can express what they want. Somewhere where they can voice their concerns, reveal their fantasies, share ambitions, connect with other like-minded souls, and find the resources most needed.

An arts community that will grow according to the needs and wishes of a group of creative people who all share a common desire to follow their inspirations, support and enjoy the arts, and benefit from mutually beneficial activities – not forgetting of course that we all share an interest in this fabulous region of the world – Wales.

Who is www.arts-wales.co.uk for?

Artists, arts appreciators, arts practitioners and arts professionals. It is also for business services and supplies, arts suppliers etc who all provide valuable services for the arts community. In fact this site is for anyone who has a passion for art in all its forms, for Wales for all that it offers and for the ingenious people who come up with the most incredible ways of expressing who they are.

Georgina Lester
Artist, Designer and Marketing Consultant
Founder of www.Arts-Wales.co.uk

Would you like to be included on our Arts Wales Arts Map?

I thought that it would be rather wonderful to map the arts in Wales. Artists, creators, designers, arts groups, organisations, practitioners, suppliers, galleries, exhibition spaces, theatres, gardens ….. and so on – why not let them be added here so that the world can see just how rich and diverse the creative culture is here. If you would like to be included then please add your details using this form.  People with valid connections to Wales only please.

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