I have been back working for Mark Elliot Furniture for just over a year now and whilst going back to an old position is not always to be recommended, as it can sometimes give the the impression of going backwards rather than forwards, for me at least it has given new impetus and self confidence that the last job all but destroyed.

With ME one gets to meet some wonderfully interesting people, and on the whole our customers are very charming, although there is the odd one that I would rather not have met.  I know a sale is a sale but I have to say I have noticed recently that the ones that spend the least are the ones that make the loudest noise!

I have enjoyed my last year; I am back working for a firm that has a family feel about it. I have a great Manager and there is a real team spirit tha runs through out the company. Even though I have only met seven members of the entire firm, one can always count on friendly helpful advice at the end of the phone or via email.

It has been a joy to help our customers make, what I hope , is the right choice for their space; we don’t get too many complaints so have to assume that they are happy, especially as we have never had any negative feedback for the Customer Service questionnaires that are returned to Head Office! Working on the theory that no news is good news, I think we can safely say the majority of our customers are happy with the Mark Elliot experience!

So the year so far is settled…well not quite. This last month we had some exciting news! Not only were we making good progress in spite of the economic climate, we apparently caught the eye of a firm that liked what we do, particularly the fact that the furniture is made to order and that most of what we produce is made in the UK, so much that they bought the company! So yes while we were all a little taken aback and change is always stressful, it is also most exciting, made even more so for us at Monmouth by the fact that our new Image Consultant was so impressed with our showroom that she immediately contacted the new owners to say what a beautiful showroom we have! She should see it now!……. I have just spent the best part of the day with our fantastic delivery boys and my Manager rearranging the show room. On the lorry was a room full of stunning French oak furniture (Christmas came early this year for me!) which, with the rearranged upholstery, means that the showroom is, my humble opinion, utterly stunning! And it will be getting even better as new upholstery and a bedroom collection will be arriving in due course.

So this is a very tired but happy interior designer signing out!

If any of you find yourselves visiting Monmouth, you are more than welcome to drop in and have an Italian coffee with us!

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