How do you build trust online?

Over the last few years, I have observed a significant change in my attitude to trust as I have become more comfortable reaching out to total strangers across the world. In the early days, the internet was a vast and intimidating ocean – an infinity of unknowns with very little known.

I used to be shy and retiring preferring to remain hidden and anonymous (Yes! Really!). I think that I was quite terrified about the potential Indiana Jones inspired traps into which I was sure to find myself plummeting. Whilst I knew that my soul was not going to be left in some oubliette never to be seen again, I was very aware that there was a serious lack of trust. Trust in the people I met. Trust in the systems. Trust in the technology. Trust in the authenticity. Trust that it was ever going to be good for me. And … did I trust myself?

Glass Trophies – are they works of art in glass or not?

 Is it my imagination but are glass trophies and awards much more common place these days? To me it seems that the glass slab trophy or the cut glass bowls are very much the choice of today. Personally I don’t see why. The cut crystal has never really inspired me – it has to be stupendous to get my attention.  And the glass slabs – really? To me they look like crystal tombstones and for me not that inspiring when it comes to celebrating an important achievement.

Why is Morris Dancing always considered English? What about the Welsh?

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the possible demise of morris dancing. Much of this has emphasised the "Englishness" of morris dancing.  This is also mentioned in the fim "Morris; a life with bells on".

Being English may be a positive aspect in England, and possibly in the USA. But not always in Wales. I’ve been morris dancing in Wales for quite a few years and it is clear from comments that the perception of most spectators is that morris dancing is English.

Getting the best out of studying Fashion design in high school.

 If students are lucky they have dynamic teachers who are passionate about teaching fashion design in their high school. If the teachers are lucky they have enthusiastic students who inspire them to teach them all they can. Anyone wanting a career in fashion design has to make sure that they get the best out of the time that they are at high school, and anyone who is determined will leave with a comprehensive portfolio that will impress the best fashion colleges and launch them into an exciting career.

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