Qigong & Meditation Week Retreat, Holy Isle, Scotland

The Stupas on Holy Isle, Scotland

Holy Isle, West Scotland

Saturday 7 – Saturday 14 August 2010

Retreat, relax and revive in peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Breathe deeply into the flowing, stretching and releasing Wild Goose Chinese Medical Qigong form. Take time to immerse yourself in peaceful mind and loving kindness meditations in the environmental and spiritual sanctuary of Holy Isle – adjacent to the Isle of Arran, West Scotland – and where Sue spent a year in retreat. The week is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners and is a wonderful opportunity to develop skills and practices to deepen a life-long spiritual journey.


Waiting in Ambush

Don’t wait in Ambush. I love this slogan. It is one of the Buddhist Mind training slogans, there are 59 of these pithy sayings. They are all a bit tough, designed to wake us up. This one refers to the fact that most of us aspire to be ‘nice’ people. But sometimes we reveal our ability to attack others when they show weakness. Especially those who might be making themselves a bit more prominent out there in the world. Not that I am referring to the current cult of celebrity here, I am referring to actions far more mundane. Someone like myself for example.

Finding Peace in a Noisy Place

Finding Peace in a Noisy Place

This morning I received a message from a T’ai-Chi teacher in Houston. He told me about the classes he runs in a local dance studio and the conditions of this space. "There is a large air handling system that runs the entire time of the class so I’m talking over the noise…. " He told me he feels he is going nuts in these conditions, what with the noise and the variety of the backgrounds his participants bring to his sessions. So for starters let’s consider how we can create a pool of peace.

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