Anyway – my daughter’s birthday – she had an absolutely wonderful day – packed with lots of people showing her a huge amount of love and adoration and great presents. The family went to hear her play in the school Symphonic Winds Band – and it was all wonderful and we are so proud of her!

So now that I have had my "Oh-my-God-I-feel-so-old-I’m-the-mother-of-an-adult" mid-life crisis – I will continue my tinkering under the bonnet in the engine of the site. I will try to remember to re-emerge every so often to let you know how I am getting on – and what is happening. And for those of you who completely glaze over when I get excited about the mechanical stuff – don’t worry I won’t terrorise you with the details.

However I will warn you that she is a great writer and you will no doubt be reading some of her work soon.


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