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This form has been set up to allow all artists and arts organisations add their contact details to our Arts Wales Map. It is open to anyone regardless of art form, discipline, profession or location just so long as there is some connection to Wales and the arts here. I would like to include anything from visual arts to culinary arts, locally grown produce to art installations, art galleries to arts events. In fact why not add wine and beer too alongside the theatres, concert venues, pop-up art shows, conferences and business development workshops!

Begun in March 2016, this is the beginnings of a tour of the Arts in Wales. Everyone is invited – beginners to the more established. Individuals, groups, companies and organisations. From practitioners to suppliers, artists to arts technicians. Whatever the discipline or focus, I’d like to include anything that is creative. Later I will be creating a map of excellence which will be selective but this one is open and inclusive.

If you think that you have a great idea for adding to this map, then please send me an email and put forward your suggestions.

If you feel that your organisation should be included in this map, then please fill in the form below offering as much information as you can. Once approved then your details will be included. Please remember that this map is being shared publicly.

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