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Starting up in business is fraught with pitfalls and problems. The rewards of a successful business, however, outweigh the risk. I want to see many more successful Chief Executives and this book provides valuable help from a number of entrepreneurs that have succeeded.
Brian Chernett, Founder and Chief Executive of The Academy for Chief Executives

I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years and believe in encouraging more people to find their passion and pursue it. I’m pleased to see this book also encourages the idea that entrepreneurs can succeed and provides practical advice to help them do that. As a long-term supporter of Ecademy and a life member there myself, I’m delighted to recommend this book.
Mike Southon, Co-Author of ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’ and other business books.

I have always believed that if you put people together, magic will happen. The right people will find each other and work together. New ideas and projects will be born. This book is proof of that. The authors met through networking on Ecademy and have used mostly electronic communications to develop this collaborative book. Each of the authors is brilliant at what they do – together they have produced a formidable business book.
Thomas Power, Chairman,


 Download a free chapter – Click here

Click here to buy BusinessWise

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