I am so Proud – I have a Tag Cloud

For years I have visited sites and found Tag Clouds – and always thought – oooh they look so coooll and so much fun! I have always wanted to have one but do you think I could get anyone to teach me how to create one? I am pleased to announce that now I do know – and I am VERY proud that I now have a Tag Cloud! Smile

OK – I can now hear a chorus of cries "And what is that supposed to be?" and "Why does having a Tag Cloud make you proud?"  

Midsummer Updates

This unseasonably chilly weather that we have been having – (I mean FROSTS for heaven sake – IN JUNE?) means that I have had a few more days glued to the computer making a few amendments. Yes lots of tinkering going on under the bonnet – and no I have not sorted the blogging problem. Crucially however, all registered members have author status so you now have permission to submit articles for inclusion. Sorry I didn’t register that you could only see the Submit Article menu item and that didn’t mean that you could actually submit an article. Hey ho!


And in the beginning, there was the word…

…. and the word got out! Welcome to our first four members – yeh!! The next bit of software tested – whoooppeeee! And I have told half a dozen other people that there is a bit of a little party happening in this corner of the ether. Oh and what a journey we are about to embark. There are so many things that I have planned for this site – that it would take too long to list them. I have up to now just got on with it. I have had a vision of what I want to achieve and yes – why move a mole hill when I can move a mountain!


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