Film Review of “Morris: A Life with Bells On” – The funniest film I’ve seen in years.

Film Review of “Morris: A Life with Bells On” – The funniest film I’ve seen in years.

Morris: A Life with Bells On is said to be the next sleeper hit – but only time will tell whether it will achieve this heady domain of acclaim and success. The film has been described as a mockumentary following the life of one rebel Morris dancer Derecq Twist. Beset by prim traditionalists it tells the story of this one man’s struggle to drag, kick and cajole an ancient practice into the 21st Century, in the nicest possible way, of course. If the interest on the internet is anything to go by, this one is destined to be screened worldwide by popular demand just so long as at least one distribution company takes notice.

We have been lucky – despite not being on general release yet, Morris: A Life with Bells On came to a hall near us and we had the added promise of a demonstration of Morris Dancing from the Isca Morris men. Time to organise a horde of willing victims and enjoy a night out – get out my note book and write an official film review of "Morris: A Life with Bells On".

Star studded cast list in micro-budget British Film

If you were asked to be involved in a film with a prestigious cast list – but a tiny budget – would you hesitate to say yes? We didn’t when we were asked to produce some costumes for one of the characters in Morris: A Life with Bells On – and can you blame us? See the list for yourself and think about what you would do.


British Country Traditions Skipping Along the Highway of Success.

There’s a new wave coming – a new craze and I am warning you it is hurtling towards your horizon at an alarming pace. Actually I should say that the ground of tradition is rumbling beneath our feet and our idyll of rural Britain is being besieged with a renaissance of an age old tradition – of hunky hanky wavers, tinkling bells and clacking staffs. Morris dancing is capturing the imagination of the British and American public in a big way..


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