How do you build trust online?

Over the last few years, I have observed a significant change in my attitude to trust as I have become more comfortable reaching out to total strangers across the world. In the early days, the internet was a vast and intimidating ocean – an infinity of unknowns with very little known.

I used to be shy and retiring preferring to remain hidden and anonymous (Yes! Really!). I think that I was quite terrified about the potential Indiana Jones inspired traps into which I was sure to find myself plummeting. Whilst I knew that my soul was not going to be left in some oubliette never to be seen again, I was very aware that there was a serious lack of trust. Trust in the people I met. Trust in the systems. Trust in the technology. Trust in the authenticity. Trust that it was ever going to be good for me. And … did I trust myself?

Siân Cleaver creates a magnificent Book Drum profile of The Mabinogion

You read about Holden Caulfield hearing a jazz number… wouldn’t you like to listen to it too?  Captain Corelli turns up in Cephallonia… where is that, and what does it look like?  Those kite fights in Kabul… wouldn’t it be nice to see a video of the real thing?  All these extras are available – if widely dispersed – on the Net.  Book Drum is an innovative crowd-sourced website that pulls them all together in handy companion profiles for people who love books.

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