Unleash the Book Inside You

tomEvansThey say there’s a book in everyone but, for most people, the thought of writing a book is so daunting they simply never start. The other main reason people don’t pick up their pen is because they think they don’t have the time.

There is a way though. The human mind is so powerful that your book can virtually write itself without your conscious control – and even while you are sleeping.

The key lies in tapping into the universal consciousness through the practice of regular meditation.

Turning Experts into Published Authors – Nov 2008

Thinking of writing and publishing a book? It can be a fantasitc way to boost your credibility, increase your income and influence your target market – BUT ONLY if you do it right.
If you want to know all the facts about writing the best possible book, the best and fastest way to publishyourbook and the truth about the publishing industry, you are invited to attend a most special event. 

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