Waiting in Ambush

Don’t wait in Ambush. I love this slogan. It is one of the Buddhist Mind training slogans, there are 59 of these pithy sayings. They are all a bit tough, designed to wake us up. This one refers to the fact that most of us aspire to be ‘nice’ people. But sometimes we reveal our ability to attack others when they show weakness. Especially those who might be making themselves a bit more prominent out there in the world. Not that I am referring to the current cult of celebrity here, I am referring to actions far more mundane. Someone like myself for example.

What is Personalised Wine?

Personalised Wine Labels Wine labels have been around for several hundred years as a means of identifying producer and content. These are a large scale operation for promoting the wine brand. The advances in digital technology has enabled a new industry to appear,...

My Family of Animals

No-one can ever accuse me of being too ordinary or dull (well at least I hope not) nor can they accuse my family of animals of being unoriginal either. They have a huge variety of interests, quirks and characteristics. Ours have to get involved in EVERYTHING that we do.


Have you ever wanted to kill a computer?

I confess that I have and I feel no shame or guilt for having these bloody thoughts.

This last week I have been working through several hundred  – actually nearly 4000 names and addresses on our database of contacts and customers. Well, I say working through them I actually mean attempting to sort, sift and filter the ones we want to mail from the ones that we don’t. Rather vital when we don’t want to send yet another newsletter to someone who has moved away, asked to be removed from our mailing list, or worse still has died. Nor do we want to dig up the corpses of rotten relationships the kind where customers think that they are ALWAYS right however unreasonably they behave. However it seems that computer programmes have a mind of their own and will only decide to do what you want them to do if and when they most feel like it.

Back soon – other priorities taken over-daughter’s 18th Birthday!

Yesterday was my daughter’s 18th birthday – so I have not been around as much as I would like. Added to that – have I ever mentioned that I actually work full time doing my consultancy work anyway? And that Arts Wales UK – is actually just a little hobby of mine? It is probably my excuse for not doing the house work really – so there you go – you now know that I live in a pit!


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