How easy is it to get Small Business Insurance for typically small arts businesses?

A few years ago when I decided to revive my small arts business, one of the first things I knew I had to do was sort out my insurance. However, I was quite shocked at how difficult it was to set up. For most small businesses getting insurance should not be an issue as there are plenty off the shelf packages which will cater for all our usual insurance needs. What I discovered was that although I thought that I had previously bought a pre-designed package for my arts business – it was something that was more exclusive and complicated than I had realised.


Are you any good at selling YOU – or do you have to get someone else to do it for you?

I have recently been offering free web space to individuals and businesses who have products and services to offer to other individuals and businesses. My website theme is Arts in Wales but as I am taking a holistic approach, I am incorporating anything that a person might need to remain healthy and sane to help retain their inspiration and motivation for doing well in life as well as their enterprising endeavours.

And I have been somewhat surprised by the reaction I have got.

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