Why is Morris Dancing always considered English? What about the Welsh?

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the possible demise of morris dancing. Much of this has emphasised the "Englishness" of morris dancing.  This is also mentioned in the fim "Morris; a life with bells on".

Being English may be a positive aspect in England, and possibly in the USA. But not always in Wales. I’ve been morris dancing in Wales for quite a few years and it is clear from comments that the perception of most spectators is that morris dancing is English.

Does anyone know about history of Morris Dancing in Wales?

I know that Morris Dancing is traditionally thought of as being English – I have discovered that we do have Morris Sides in Wales which would suggest that there is a possibility that it has some history here too. The film "Morris: A Life with Bells On" has a brilliant website on which there is a bit of information about the history and traditions of Morris Dancing but it got me thinking. Does anyone know anything about Morris Dancing in Wales?


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