Web designer: – the project manager for getting a site designed, created and launched. They will assess the needs of the company and guide on the most suitable solution for the requirements to satisfy the various business activities whilst utilising the skills and resources available – such as writing, design, etc.


Graphic designer:-  creates the visuals such as logos, layouts, buttons, etc.


Programmer:-  someone who writes scripts and code to make the site function behind the scenes so that it works properly for your visitors. This will include scripts for things like the database design for the content management system or ecommerce site etc


Internet Marketing Specialist:- the person who will help you maintain your web presence creating strategies for getting targeted traffic to your site through marketing and promotional techniques pertinent to the internet.


Search Engine Optimisation Specialist:- an expert in making sure that your site is found by the numerous search engines including specialist search engines pertinent to your business interests. This will involve ensuring that your site layout, keywording and content is designed to be indexed correctly by the search engines ensuring that it attracts the visitors you want.


SEO writer:- The search engine optimisation specialist does the research and recommends the words that you need to incorporate into your site but you then need to have content which incorporates those words in a way that your readers are going to understand and enjoy.


Internet Copywriter:- a good writer is like gold dust especially one who understands your market and what action you want the visitors to your site do. It is vital that your wording is more than good – it has to be great. A few well chosen words in a heading can be enough to make a person stay and find out more. Along with the visual content and usability interesting articles, relevant information, clear biographical information will help to give your customers confidence.


Photographer:- if you want to sell your products and services successfully then it is a good idea to employ an excellent photographer. It is also a good idea to incorporate a good clear and welcoming photograph of yourself and your team. People are especially keen to have a human face when doing business with such an inhuman medium such as the internet.

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