This is about providing valuable information, products and services for the members AND marketing to a market sector that otherwise might not be that easily targeted.

What I am looking for are people who are wanting to expand their own businesses, networks, etc and are willing to use articles to get the word out there. The primary focus is providing the arty members with valuable information that leads to contacts who can immediately help in dealing with that issue. Ideally they must be able to offer a valuable service that will in turn help the arts community as a whole by giving valuable and interesting advice on their speciality.

Why is this worth doing?

If, for example,  people are selling financial advice, and they have or can write articles about specific topics to do with their work, then when someone reads the article the writer will have a potential client. Readers of the articles can rate the articles using the star system and clients/readers can leave feedback and comments on the article. The idea being that the author of the article can build up a reputation thus furthering their potential in getting more business. In turn the artist’s own business and personal life is greatly improved by having that knowledge.

I would want each article to contain a short closing paragraph to include pertinent biographical information about the author and their business. The individuals/businesses will also be added to the contacts directory in that section which will include:-

  • more details about the person and the business that they are in,
  • an email form, and
  • a ‘Download VCard’ facility for people to be able to add you to their address books.

Visitors to the article will arrive in one of four ways:-

  • they trip over them when browsing the sections and categories
  • it comes up in the results of a site search
  • the article has been forwarded to them by a friend using the email function attached to the article
  • it comes up in search results in the search engines – Google being the one I am targetting.
  • I have now set up a dedicated email address for article submission which is

    articles AT arts DASH wales DOT co DOT uk

    I will be monitoring the articles and looking out for gaps – especially from the optimisation angle so if there are areas that I think need to be tackled I will also be submitting specifics about articles required. If you can write something that fits the bill then great.

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