The orchestra tuning up ready for a magnificent performance.

Boarding the plane ready to visit a new and exciting land. Getting off the plane – about to embark on a journey into a new culture.

A flicker of life in someone’s eyes just before their face breaks into a beaming smile – like a baby’s, open and giving.

Snowdrops poking through the snow knowing that the bright sunny yellow daffodils will soon follow beckoning the warm days of early spring.

Throngs of eager people milling into the theatre ALL feeling the buzz of anticipation of the great emotional journey we are going to taken on.

Dipping my finger into a tasty sauce that I know is going to go fantastically with the meal that I have prepared for a pile of friends who are coming to share their stories and news.

Opening a bank statement knowing that you have plenty of cash in the bank reminding you to be grateful for the years of overdrafts making you appreciate the sensation of financial freedom.

The fire is crackling, a bottle of rich, full bodied red wine is opened gently brooding, bonding with the ambience of the room, tasty delectable deliciousness arranged on a plate waiting to be nibbled and the long awaited book is sitting on the arm of the squidgy sofa just bristling with expectation.

Slowly emerging from a deep slumber and the early morning sun is shining through the window – and we are about to wake to a day full of promise.

The hours just before my daughter is about to return home from having been away and the milliseconds before our hug.

There are many such moments in life. What are yours?


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