Essentially the site is structurally nearly sound – few tweaks here and there – but the basic skeleton is present and correct – in as much I believe that the links work, the sections are published, the community software integrated so that people can register, connect, blog and submit articles for publishing – and generally navigate around the site without too many hinderances like  menus not working etc.

 I still have lots to do – answer the many questions about the site for the FAQ’s, write up the ‘How To’s’ in proper grown up hand-writing instead of scrawled notes, add my articles, write more articles, and then promote all along the way.

I will use this blog to keep you updated of where I am at. Momentous moments will be published in the news section – still yet to do the categories – but given time.

 Next on my list of things to do:-

Set up the Directory section properly – this will have a number of useful contacts like associations and organisations catering for the needs of artists and arts professionals, useful places to get support and advice, etc. If you have any contacts you think would be useful – please let  me know.

Set up a legal section – so that we (me and my friend) can publish articles to explain the significance of the copyright policy, privacy policy and in time helpful thoughts and suggestions about the significance of copyright laws and how they affect what we do.

Publish a few articles that I have already written.

Then ….. I will be offering a few limited places for free (for a year)  to the first of our guinea pigs. If you have anyone in mind who would add to this community, contributing articles, ideas, thoughts, humour and words of wisdom then please let them  know – soon – very soon!

 If you have any questions about how to get around the sit, publish articles, registering etc, please get in touch with me – those will be the FAQ’s I publish first. All suggestions and feedback gratefully received.

Until the next time …… 

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