Guinea Pig phase updates

Despite only telling a few people about this site and where it is – I have had a fantastic response. All very enthusiastic and the few persons in the know are quietly researching a few more pro-active bods to come along and contribute. I am considerably closer to my pre-launch launch where I will be asking for some money from new members so if you know of anyone who is willing to help with our guinea pig phase over the next couple of weeks, now is the time to get them to sign up.

Ideas for article categories please.

Don’t forget that I will be working on the article categories shortly so if you have any particular ideas and prefernces about heading then please let me know. For the creative writers out there I will be adding a Story Telling and Poets Corner soon.

 Changes to address format

I have discovered that there is an anomoly with the address format – it does not match the registration screen address field and what goes on back stage. I will be changing shortly.  I have also made the County entry a required item as I found that some were not filling it in – rather crucial as this ties in with the "Members in County" lists. Which leads me on to ……

Members Lists

I have changed the way that these lists now appear. They are sorted according to most recently online – this gets away from the problem of always appearing at the bottom of the list if your surname begins with a Z. In other words the more active you are the more likely you are to be found. I have now set up the County lists so if people are looking for locals then they can select those members who are in their area. Likewise if you are only interested in meeting performers then this too should give you just that – a list of performers. For some reason I can’t get the Visual Arts list to work – still tinkering with that one but I am not going to panic about this as it is something that can be developed over time.

OK now I am going back to tinkering – until the next update – or until I remember what else I was going to say here…. happy brainstorming, browsing and submitting lots of articles – now that you can!! 

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