The recent elections in USA have resulted in an amazing turnaround in politics and some attribute Barak Obama’s success to his online presence. For more insight into this read this article here.


William Buist’s latest blog on Ecademy – The Journey to Advocacy – Part 2 – An Ecademy Strategy  (don’t forget to look at Part 1 too) says a great deal about how he views this sort of approach to doing business in online  networks. The comments following on from his initial statements give us an insight into the general views of the online public.


Another example of cleverly used online marketing can be seen on Twitter – even Steven Fry has been using it to successfully connect with his fans which will undoubtedly push up his viewer ratings for improving their overall experience of the programmes that he is creating.


Online communities such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, WAYN, require a different approach to say LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing, Plaxo, etc. Depending on our needs and the products and services we have to offer either can prove useful – the mass market groups are great for targeting mass audiences however they can be very much a scatter gun approach. The specialist communities have to be targeted for the more unusual and specific needs  of our clients.


All is up for debate and as technology changes so we will change our approach to our online presence organically according to our needs, capabilities, understanding of the technology available and our budgets (time and money).



The question still remains – how are you making your online networking work for you?


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