A couple of months ago, Book Drum excited interest throughout the publishing world by launching an interactive World Book Map, which featured illustrated settings of 150 great books.  Veteran Book Drum contributor Siân Cleaver was perturbed to see there was nothing set in her native Wales. So she set out to rectify the matter by creating a magnificent Book Drum profile of The Mabinogion.  Her profile, complete with extensive notes, photographs, maps and links relating to the Welsh classic, can be found at the http://www.bookdrum.com/ Siân now wants to create another profile in Welsh for the original text.

While she’s doing that, we would welcome other Welsh contributions.  Do you have a favourite novel set in Wales, or is there a non-fiction book you’d like to see more widely known?  Anyone can create a profile of a published book for free on Book Drum.  Just go to http://www.bookdrum.com/register/categoryList.html and choose a title.  Authors and academics can also profile their own books, providing background material, updates, or photographs and video to illustrate their text.

Book Drum is going to revolutionise the way we think about books – try it out today!

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