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Charles and Patricia Lester have established an international reputation for their unique textile and fashion art which has been built over fifty years of being in business. They have many stories and inspirations to share. They have a vision of creating a centre of creative excellence incorporating exhibition and workshop spaces that celebrate the talents of Wales and the history of the company.  However, we need your help to see this become a reality.

[UPDATE: This project is no longer active and so we are no longer seeking to take it further than it has already. Thank you to those who helped spread the word. There are other projects in the pipeline that are more likely to reach their goals.]

The Gallery

lester gallery

Initially this is a pilot project seeking to prove the concept of having this type of gallery here in Monmouthshire. The idea is to reveal the unseen workings, inspirations and experiences behind an International brand that has and still does enjoy fascinating forays into people’s lives, the world of film and television, the fast paced environs of high end fashion, the exclusive world of couture and so on. The gallery offers an unique opportunity to showcase true craftsmanship, inspired artistry and the spirit of inspiration.

The Vision

To create a thriving buzzing centre of excellence and creativity celebrating the extraordinary and the unique showcasing genuine artistry and craftsmanship. Whilst we realise that we are a long way off from achieving what we see in our minds but we firmly believe in making the impossible happen it just might take several steps to get there. The next step is to create a permanent exhibition space displaying the artistic talents of the region. After that … we shall see.

How can you help?

We need to gather as many people as possible who would also be interested in seeing this happen. So we need you to help us spread the word. You can do this in a myriad of ways. The simplest of which are ….

  • Share the story on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and any other network and community you think should know about it.
  • Like our Facebook page The Lester Gallery for Creative Arts
  • Introduce us to your friends and inviting them to be on our mailing list. We will send them an invitation email and if the story appeals to them then they can opt-in to receive more information. If it doesn’t then they can ignore us and we won’t bother them again.

Today is about the power of the crowd and the voice of individuals. Together they create magic and make things happen. This isn’t about just us, it is about creating something of value for the community, for Wales and for people who appreciate beautiful art, skilled craftsmanship and inspired creativity.

Please join us …..

Send us a message using the form on the contact page.

We look forward to seeing you on board.

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