The Qigong & Meditation Retreat week on Holy Isle offers time and space to learn and understand simple, gentle skills and practices that aid relaxation, extend physical intelligence and grow a lifelong spiritual journey. One of the main focuses of the week is exploring how we can remain at ease and be calm in the midst of life’s turbulence.  The morning and evening practical sessions go directly to the heart of meditation, relaxation and the gentle yet powerful bodywork of Chinese Medical Qigong. The work is supported by long afternoons left free for participants to explore and enjoy the beauty and unspoilt nature of Holy Isle.

If you wish to taste Qigong for the the first time – or top-up your knowledge and practice of this gentle art, – I am running a morning session of Qigong and Meditation on Saturday 30 January in Twickenham. The four hour session allows time for the power of these techniques to be understood and absorbed into the body and mind. The gentle power of the work we do together ensures that those who participate leave inspired, revived, and calm – wonderful qualities to take into everyday life.

For further details and a booking form please contact me either by email or on 07962 798 779 and visit Relaxing The Mind for more information.

 About Relaxing The Mind

Relaxing the Mind is an initiative that arose out of my many years of study, practice and teaching movement, T’ai-Chi, Qigong and meditation.The courses, classes and retreats all aim to support participants by offering skills that enable life to be lived to the full. Over the years many hundreds of people have attended regular classes, (in Isleworth and now in Monmouth and Abergavenny), one-off workshops and residential weekend or week retreats (held for many years in Dorset, now on Holy Isle, Scotland). This work has allowed me to meet many interesting and inspiring people. I value each person who attends a session as the wealth of wisdom they carry with them supports and informs my life-journey. My wish is that this work becomes part of your life journey, if it isn’t already, and that we have opportunities to meet many times through the powerful yet gentle practices of T’ai-Chi, Qigong and meditation.

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