SEO articles, the work of writing specialists bring proven results because Search Engines see them and raise your company’s rankings. But there is a fabulous bonus beyond this; SEO writers can improve the status of your brand or business by boosting your credibility.

TIP ONE: TOPICALITY: Imagine you are a company offering Shared Equity Mortgage

Products, your target market are First Time Buyers. They’re concerned about raising a deposit in this credit crunching time. You have a range of very helpful advisory style articles that are found whenever someone types ‘Help for First Time Buyers’ into Google. Producing ‘topical’ articles means that people begin to associate your brand or business with being up to the minute and therefore your credibility increases.

TIP TWO: CASE STUDIES: SEO Articles don’t just have to look like blogs or essays. Why not employ an SEO article writer to produce some Case Studies on recent clients who got the most out of your product or service? Nothing sells your credibility better than customers who have already benefited from what you have to offer. By keeping the Case Studies SEO optimized, you get the best of both worlds.

TIP THREE: GETTING INVOLVED IN DEBATES: SEO writers can be employed to become involved in debates on websites that relate to your business area. They can strategically drop keywords into their comments and refer readers back to your articles with links to third party websites such as Ezines or BTTradespace. Of course, once they read your very helpful article and see the link to your website, they’re one step closer to clicking, but they have already associated you with credibility.

TIP FOUR: PRODUCT/SERVICE REVIEWS: If you hire an SEO writer with product reviewing skills, they can get the same Search Optimized benefits out of writing reviews of your product, brand or service. However, sprinkling positive reviews about your business in strategically targeted places on the net gives potential customers the sense that others have tried what you had to offer and were satisfied with it.

TIP FIVE: ONLINE REPUTATION: If you have little or no presence at all, then SEO writers can provide you with an affordable Online Reputation Campaign. For a short article explaining Online Reputation Management, click here. SEO comments can be placed strategically across the Internet in places where your customers or clients might visit. Rather than simply ‘advertising’, by placing well-written comments, potential customers begin to associate your brand or business with knowledge and credibility, building your online reputation. Cheaper than a Marketing Campaign, the only cost is for identifying target markets, writing the articles and placing them. Encouraging supportive customers to comment on these optimized comments further builds a positive reputation.


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