Regardless of your style, topics, inspirations – everyone has a voice and that voice will appeal to others with an ear of that ilk!

I am looking for …..

Writers who can submit articles on a variety of topics – they can submit articles which they are happy to be published so that they can promote their work/books/publications. They will also get free membership for a year from the launch date.

Writers who write for others – who will become a part of the resource database for the members to find suitable writers who can help them with their writing needs. Yes – and they get the free membership too – same terms.

I have designed the site so that it can be expanded and developed according to needs and demands – organic growth rather than being constrained by pre-defined formats – so if you can’t see a section that should be included – please let me know.

Copywriters – to tell us how we should be writing our publicity material to seduce our customers to part with their hard earned money. Tell us how to write good copy for our websites, proposals, commission submissions, our personal statements.

Creative Writers,  and Poets –  to tell us tall tales about ghosts, ghouls and dragons. Re-tell of the myths and legends simmering in the spirit of the hlls, recount the gory history of battles fought for land and maids, allow us to relive the romance of ages gone by and paint a picture of what might be in the far off distant shores of the future.

Whatever your style – whatever your topic – whatever your inspirations – there is a place for you here. 

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