Personalised Wine Labels

Wine labels have been around for several hundred years as a means of identifying producer and content. These are a large scale operation for promoting the wine brand.

The advances in digital technology has enabled a new industry to appear, that of personalised wine labels. Computerised printing enables short run and individual labels to produced, which was far too costly with traditional printing.

The personalised wine label industry can be split into two distinctive parts.
1) Short run labelling for organisations;
2) Single labels for consumers.

Short run labelling
This is primarily the business to market for corporate wine. Typical uses are for promotions, corporate gifts and in -house use. Others users include schools for an own label, charities for fund raising events.

The key feature of these short runs is that the label is fully bespoke, specially designed for the purpose. It can feature a logo, message or photo, or pretty much anything else.
A major player in the corporate branded wine market is

Single Labels
This is the personal gift business. A bottle with a label for a special occasion helps commemorate an event. Father’s Day, engagements, birthdays are some of the popular celebrations.

This is usually achieved by adding a message to a label from a range of templates themed to all the major occasions. As the message is your own, the label becomes unique. These single label bottles are easily ordered directly from the website.
For all your special occasion labels get your personalised wine from

The wine
Obviously the contents of the bottle are as important as the label. A range of wine and champagne should be available. Check that there are award winners in the list. This will mean wine quality is important to the personalised wine provider, and that you can be sure that all their wines will be top notch, even those not entered into the big wine competitions.


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