TIP 1: SAVE TIME – SEO Article Writing is a very time consuming activity. Every single article needs to be carefully planned. An SEO article writer will research the topic thoroughly before extracting the most pertinent information to use for the article. The SEO writer will check the facts before they publish anything. A professional content writer drafts, rewrites and edits their article until it is precisely what the client requested. You can save time by hiring a professional to create your articles.

TIP 2: SAVE MONEY – Following on from Tip 1, your time is money. Hiring a professional SEO writer will save you money. If you plan, research, write, redraft and edit your own articles (that’s without strategic Keyword placement) it will use up the limited time you have in your working week. This does not seem an effective use of your time. The chances are that you will take three or four times longer than a professional to produce the same quality of article. Hiring a professional writer will save you money.

TIP 3: GOOGLE RESULTS – The real skill of the SEO writer over any other kind of writer is their ability to place the essential Keywords required by their client throughout the article. The client is paying for the writer’s capacity to create a meaningful and informative article, whilst strategically placing the Keywords, managing their frequency and still maintaining a coherent flow to the article. You can get proven results from your chosen keywords when an SEO writer writes for you.

TIP 4 : WORDS THAT WORK FOR YOU – It’s not just the Keywords that make you money. A professional writer is an expert in using exactly the right words to get the effect that you need from your customer or client. Words are persuasive tools, a professional writer knows how best to use those tools.

TIP 5: INCREASE CREDIBILITY – Expertly written articles, with excellent grammar and correct spelling all adds to your credibility. Well-written and informative articles make an impression on your potential customers or clients. If the articles give the visitor the sense that you are an expert in your area, it builds their confidence in you and your services or products.

TIP 6: GET IT WHEN YOU NEED IT – You want articles, but you’re already caught up with your own busy schedule. A good writing service will regularly deliver your articles to you or submit them to article websites such as Ezine or BT Tradespace. Once you’ve set up an order of articles, you can sit back and let the writers do their work.

TIP 7: YOU OWN IT FOREVER – When you buy the services of a writer, you own the articles and can use them as many times, as you like on as many websites as you want. If you want to take some of the articles and use them in your newsletter, nothing is stopping you. You pay for the SEO writer’s services once, but you get to use the articles that they produce forever.

TIP 8: DON’T BE AVERAGE – If a normal writer produces your articles you will probably lose traffic. The SEO writer knows the ‘tricks of the trade’ to maximise the effect on both readers and search engines. Don’t be fooled into hiring your cousin, a local writer or even an experienced professional but non-SEO writer, the results could cost you time, money and credibility.

TIP 9: GETTING HYPER: SEO Writing experts know how to utilise hyperlinks and anchored text throughout your articles. This does for search engines what credible writing does for your readers.

TIP 10: FLEXIBILITY: The best SEO writers are highly flexible and can write on any subject. This means the range of articles that can be written on expands beyond your own sphere of knowledge and encompasses a whole new range of customers or clients.

There are many reasons to hire a professional writer to produce your high quality articles and content. Saving time and money are just two of the strongest motivating factors for you to hire an SEO article content writer.

If you would like to find out more about hiring an affordable SEO writer, go to www.writingengine.co.uk

Alternatively you can visit Mark’s personal profile to find about more about hiring an SEO writer.

Or you can contact him direct using Arts Wales online contact form to ask him all you need to know about using the services of SEO copywriters.


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