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Posted @withregram • @worldofphotography.co.uk Winds Of Change

All this persistent heavy rain reminds me of a time I ventured out last year to Snowdonia and Dinowic Quarry in hope of some moody stormy weather passing over the hills.

I was blessed with some of the moodiest skies that could be but along with that was a great deal of rain and gusts of wind.

It was worth the wait to get the little breaks where the wind would die down a little enabling me to shoot a couple of frames before I got rain on the filters.

A lot of wiping down later and I got the resulting image looking down Llyn Peris and the Snowdonia hills.

The walk back was a wet one and was glad to get back to the car and get the waterproofs off.

Camera: Canon 1DX Mark II
Lens: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 III
Filters: Formatt Hitech Firecrest

Exposure: 0.5 sec
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/14
Focal Length: 20mm

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