To post a blog – use the link in the User Menu titled "Write a Blog Entry"

You should then see a page titled "Create a new blog entry" with a title box and a Editor box for the Blog entry. You can use the editor in pretty much the same way as any word processing programme like Microsoft Word – if you prefer to write your own HTML then you can select the HTML button.

When you have done – select who you would like to be able to read your blog and then click Save Blog Entry at the bottom of the page. 

 NB – 11th June 2008 there is a scripting error when posting blogs – until the team of experts have resolved the issue I would recommend using the Submit Article link for the time being. They can be transferred to your blog entries – just let me know if this is what you want.

When Submitting Articles –  click the link in the User Menu titled "Submit Article" 

NB Your account MUST have AUTHOR permissions set up for you to do this. For fully paid up members this is done within 24-48 hours of registration.

If you would like to submit articles without registering please send them to me at

articles AT arts DASH wales DOT co DOT uk 

Articles have to go through an approval process – unless you have specific permission rights to allow you to publish articles wherever you choose.  

 When you click on the Submit Article link  you should then see a similar page titled  "Frequently Asked Questions / Add  Content     [Info]" 

Below which there is a Title box then a drop down box to select a Category. Please be aware that I have not included all the categories yet – so if you have specifc thoughts about where you would like to publish your article please include it in your introduction.

You then have two editor boxes – the first is the introduction text which is what is visible in the article summary lists. The second text box is for adding the main article.

Please note that each article might have some text added, or are edited slightly to ensure that they are optimised for the Search Engines – after all this is the reason why we are publishing articles so that this site can be found.

When you have finished writing then you can click on the picture of the disk at the top of the page to SAVE the article. 

If you want to edit your content – there is a small paper and pen icon alongside any titles of articles you have written. This is only visible when you are logged in. When you click on this icon the article will reappear in the original text boxes – so you can edit to your hearts content! Don’t forget to SAVE your changes.

 NB If you have problems with internet connections, and or your computer has a tendancy to crash when you are in the middle of writing something – I would strongly recommend writing your articles in word and copying them into the site editor when completed – at least then you won’t lose your worldly words of wisdom just because technology throws a wobbly!

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