Lots of people are getting creative too – marking the occasion with lots of different activities and events. Anything from games to play in the dark to making sure that whole skyscrapers are plunged into darkness. It is amazing the number of big corporations who are taking part – hats off to them – welcome on board to the pioneers of earth awareness – and it’s about time too!

 Judging by the conversations on Twitter – this is going to be major – it is already one of the top ten most talked about topics today!! And that is saying something.

The content and links below are copied directly from the WWF website – thank you WWF – we’re spreading the message too!

What are people doing for Earth Hour?

If you haven’t decided what to do yet, have a look at what some other people are planning

What are people saying about Earth Hour?

We want a billion people to switch their lights off to show support for action to tackle climate change. Here’s what people are saying about this inspirational event…

WWF and climate change

WWF believes there is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. But we need to act now.

WWF’s Earth Hour latest news

Latest news and updates from the Earth Hour team.


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It’s not just about iconic buildings, of course – most activities will be smaller-scale, with the emphasis on having fun with friends. If you haven’t decided what to do yet, have a look at what some other people are planning:

  • a group of 50 people will be enjoying a candlelit festival in a wood to promote the development of young wilderness guides. Careful with those candles out there…
  • a dancing-by-candlelight class in Cheshire
  • magical-looking sky lanterns being sent off into the night sky
  • a demonstration of amazing wind-powered lights called Firewinders, planned for London’s Primrose Hill (see www.firewinder.com for details)
  • candlelit baby massage
  • lots of Transition Towns are getting involved in Earth Hour
  • Green Comedy Night at London’s Mahiki with Bafta-nominated, all-female comedy team
  • loads of people will be blacking out their own websites for the hour (remember you can always use our special Earth Hour ‘light switch’ widget)
  • how about meditation in the dark – several groups are doing this. Sounds ideal
  • even if your office is closed on Saturday 28 March, you can still get involved in the spirit of Earth Hour. Over 1000 schools, colleges and businesses have already signed up to take part in the days leading up to the global switch-off. For example, the UK’s Environment Agency is asking all its 12,000 employees to switch off their computers for one hour the day before, 1-2pm on Friday. (Perhaps they’ll call it Earth Lunch Hour.) It’s something we’d like to see more offices do anyway, as often as possible.
  • share family activity tips for Earth Hour at netmums.com the UK-wide online network for mums (or dads). Pick up and pass on ideas: like torchlit hide-and-seek; building a den and telling stories by candlelight; or having a shadow puppet show using candle lamps and cutout figures. If you can’t find a local Earth Hour group in your area, why not start one…
  • Haringey Council will be launching their Bright Ideas tour on Friday 27 March 2009 at the Selby Centre, N17 8JL. There will be an indoor fayre which will include workshops, a film on climate change, children’s entertainment, free refreshments, an ‘Energy Gym’ and a free raffle.  The launch event will also be promoting Earth Hour.
  • Carluccio’s has an Earth Hour promotion in conjunction with the Daily Telegraph on the 26th-28th of March, allowing two diners, who eat two courses to have a free bottle of wine. It’s running in all 41 branches of Carluccio’s across the country.

Many other organisations and businesses have pledged their support – see who’s signed up to switch off!

By the way – if you’re an amateur photographer or film-maker, and would like to volunteer your services for the night of 28 March, we’d love to see your photos or footage of events from the evening (we can’t be everywhere ourselves!) – including, of course, some of the major switch-offs happening near you. If we like your images we’d like to include them in our official film of the event. Find out how to share your videos and images.

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